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January 11, 2022 in UK State Pensions

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HMRC Department of work and pensions

Gaps in your National Insurance record?

It is not unusual to have gaps in your national insurance contributions, particularly if you are female or self-employed. There are various reasons why gaps can form:

  • You stop work/ go part time to raise children. You should make a claim for National Insurance Credits
  • Your employed but had low earnings
  • Your unemployed and were not claiming benefits
  • Self-employed but did not pay contributions because of small profits
  • Living or working outside the UK

Gaps can mean you will not have enough years of National Insurance contributions to either:

All is not lost, you should be able to pay voluntary contributions to fill in any missing years. To qualify for state pensions you need to have 10 -35 years of “qualifying years”. The more years you have bigger the payout at retirement age.

For those who stop work to raise children or to be long term unpaid carers, it is VERY important that you make a claim through the National Insurance Credits scheme as this will top up your qualifying years while you carry out this important work. Please remind your friends and family with children.

Check your record for gaps

Check your National Insurance record to find out:

  • if you have any gaps
  • if you’re eligible to pay voluntary contributions
  • how much it will cost

You may also be eligible for National Insurance credits if you claim benefits because you cannot work, are unemployed or caring for someone full time.

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